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Heel Pain


Completely customised solutions for your feet

OrthoticsOrthotics are inner soles designed specifically to align your foot. This in-shoe device is prescribed to specifically reposition your foot into the ideal position.

Orthotics will only be prescribed following a thorough biomechanical assessment by your podiatrist.

Orthotics can come in all shapes, and sizes and should not be confused with "arch supports". Depending on the foot type, type of injury and function required for the orthotics, we make a unique prescription for each individual.

Types of orthotics

Here at Feet Forward Podiatry we prescribe two types of orthotics:

  • Pre-fabricated orthotics are made from a substance called EVA
  • Customized orthotics are made from polypropylene made from a 3D laser scan of the foot.

Podiatrists are specifically trained to prescribe orthotics, and there are a number of factors to consider:

  • Type of injury
  • Foot Type
  • Intended type of sport/exercise
  • Weight
  • Type of shoe the orthotic is intended for
  • Occupation

The lower leg/foot may be treated alongside other modalities, depending on the type of injury. At our specialist podiatry clinic here in the Waikato We work in conjunction with other health professionals.