Feet Forward Podiatry


Podiatry treatment for sportspeople

Sporting and exercise injuries can happen to anyone at any age. The more stress we place on our legs and feet the more likely we are to have a lower leg injury.

At Feet Forward Podiatry, we want to ensure you can achieve success and have fun in whatever sport you’re participating or competing in. That’s why we don’t just treat the injury, we look for the cause.

Injuries can occur from a biomechanical issue or an external cause. A biomechanical issue from walking or running can cause added stress on muscles, bones, ligaments or tendons due to the imbalance. This can result in the same injury reoccurring.

A biomechanical assessment will look at all aspects of the gait cycle, from being in the right exercise shoe/boot, to looking at the mechanism of injury.

Treatments may include strapping, footwear advice, orthotic therapy, exercises and stretches.